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The MONTER EMIT Ltd. Belgrade was founded on October 28, 1992 as a private company. Since its establishment to the present day we successfully lead business and continuously improve our performance. The main motto of our business is: knowing how to undertake all necessary measures to do everything correctly and to do it with dedication.

We are providing services of engineering, design and construction, mainly in the field of thermodynamics, thermal energy, water engineering and construction. We have successfully operating for nearly two decades. We have completed a number of jobs on significant buildings and our company becomes a respectable company in the market in its areas of activity.

MONTER EMIT Ltd. Belgrade its successful business has based on the fulfillment of high quality of work, meeting the requirements of reference standards and regulations, professional and competent staff, meeting the demands of clients and other business partners and associates.

Successfully completed projects, satisfied clients and all our customers are the best recommendations for the continuation of business cooperation and for getting new business. Known in the market as a reliable partner, MONTER EMIT Ltd. Belgrade has a successful cooperation with local and foreign partners in the implementation of major projects.

The strategic orientation of MONTER EMIT Ltd. Belgrade is to increase the range and scope of services in the market and steady growth and development.


MONTER EMIT Ltd. Belgrade its existence has based on providing quality services in engineering, design and construction in the field of thermodynamics, thermal energy and construction in such a way that customers can always count on us as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Our work is based on respect for the legislation of the Republic of Serbia, applicable standards and codes of practice and all of that we are striving to achieve throughout a good organization and good business results.

In order to achieve the planned results we strive to provide the conditions for full involvement and commitment of all our employees.

With our subcontractors and suppliers we build partnerships for mutual satisfaction.


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