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Bearing in mind that the personnel is the key factor that make a successful l business, MONTER EMIT Ltd. Belgrade has available a high quality workforce.

This is achieved by investing the necessary resources not only in the continued development, training and specialization of its employees but also in the cooperation with experts from different fields.

For an indefinite period of time, we have employed mechanical engineers (who own licenses both responsible designers and the contractor and one expert in the field of quality management system and who also has a degree in International welding engineer-IWE), technicians, certified welders, fitters, etc.

Company MONTER EMIT Ltd. Belgrade has a good business relationship with several handicraft shops, working in cooperative relationship and the same with over thirty employees (technicians, welders and fitters).

MONTER EMIT Ltd. Belgrade at every moment has a quality workforce of over fifty people to perform mechanical works.

MONTER EMIT Ltd. Belgrade also have a good cooperation with a number of compatible organizations in our market, as well as experts in certain areas, so that in the implementation of large scale jobs we appear together in the form of consortia or other forms of association.

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