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The most important components of the boiler  MONTERION are heater and a special liquid EcoML (Eco Monterion Liquid). The heater is connected to alternating current  electrical power network where the process of ionization.occurs .In the primary boiler circuit is the liquid EcoML with free ions. Th EcoML liquid  poses no danger to the health and safety of users and does not pollute the environment.

The liquid and the heater where the process of ionization occurs are the solutions fully developed by the project team MONTER EMIT Ltd. Belgrade.

Specially prepared electrodes are located in the body of the heater. During the EcoML liquid transition through heater, its ions get place in alternating current circuit, while changing direction intermittently from one electrode to another with opposite electrical potential. Collisions between the ions generate heat.

The main advantage of this technology is reflected in the fact that the overall energy input is transmitted to EcoML liquid, and circulation pump enables comprehensive and uniform heating of the liquid. Warming of the water in the installation of central heating is achieved by exchanging heat in the heat exchanger which forms an integral part of the boiler MONTERION.

Since the water in the installation of central heating warms very quickly, we have a system that is energy efficient, and as such can save more energy than it is possible with standard heat pumps or electric boilers. Boiler MONTERION heats up rapidly and has a good regulation, which prevents hypothermia and overheating of the building. MONTERION maintains the temperature by controling it at the reference point, thus reducing the losses of the heating system to a minimum.

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