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MONTER EMIT Ltd. Belgrade has designed and developed the ecological electrode boiler MONTERION whose purpose is heating of residential and office spaces up to 500 m2. A testing of the prototype is underway in order to remove deficiencies and to make necessary improvements, and finally to approve the product.

The entire product development cycle is done by MONTER EMIT Ltd. Belgrade who also made the MONTERION prototype.

- No CO2
- Energy saving
- Environment friendly
- Safe operation
- Components of superior quality
- Rapid return on investment
- Simple and fast assembly
- Easy control
- Stylish design
- Robustness
- No chimneys, tanks etc.

MONTERION provides a safe, economical, comfortable and environmentally-friendly way of heating flats, family houses and business space. The boiler operates fully automatically  and noiselessly.

MONTERION is equipped with all operating and safety elements. The boiler is powered by electricity, so the MONTERION boiler is environmentally-friendly.

To operate the boiler MONTERION does not need a chimney or tank and can be installed in a very small space,  because it does not use air for combustion. The design of MONTERION is elegant and does not take up much space. All these solutions give users much more flexibility in deciding where to install the boiler. MONTERION could be installed on almost any place in the apartment or house - from the basement to the attic. The installation is very simple and fast.

In order to increase the comfort of users, MONTERION can be combined with room thermostat.

Unlike other electrical devices that convert electrical energy into heat, MONTERION has a manifold higher power using less electrical energy. One of the advantages of this boiler is rapid heating system - due to a special technology that can warm radiators up to operating temperature after a few minutes.

The particularity of the boiler MONTERION is that it converts electrical energy into heat on the surface of the heaters,  and also that energy is transferred  to the molecules of a special liquid (EcoML - Eco Monterion Liquid) which makes this device one of the most effective, and it is the best  way of heating at all. Heating large spaces can be achieved by interconnecting boilers, or heat each floor separately. These solutions are ideal for commercial buildings.

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