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Ever since its establishment on November 02 in 1992 the company, MONTER EMIT Ltd. Belgrade has started to work all the time and has been continuously active and  now the company is operating successfully. We have completed a number of jobs on significant buildings and become a respectable company in the market in our areas of activity.

The scope and structure of the most important jobs that we have successfully completed:

1. Construction of HVAC system  in residential and commercial buildings whose surface area exceeds over 250,000 m2 of residential surfaces ( NSP ),
2. Construction of over 200 new and reconstruction of more than 800 secondary heat- transfer stations,
3. Construction of a new pre-insulated pipes in length of over 50 km,
4. Installation of hundreds of hot-water ports and primary substations,
5. Reconstruction of  conventional pipelines, diameter DN100 - DN700 with a length of more than 10 km,
6. Replacement of more than 1000 shutters on conventional pipelines of various diameters from DN100 - DN700,
7. Replacement of  more than 100 axial compensators on conventional pipelines of various diameters from DN100 - DN700,
8. Reconstruction of over 15 smaller furnaces , up to 15,000 kW,
9. Mechanical works (ventilation and construction) in four shelters ,capacity of 300 people,
10. Installation of sprinkler systems and fire stations , residential and commercial buildings,
11. Installation of technological equipment and pipeline construction , the water factory " Makis 2" in Belgrade ,etc.

The works are often performed for the City of Belgrade, and also we negotiated deals with PUC "Belgrade Power" (construction and repairs: Heating and HVAC) and the Agency for Investments, as a member of consortium or as a subcontractor we worked with "Graditelj-Beograd" ad Zeleznik (building HVAC in non-profit housing, housing solidarity, health centers, schools, etc).

In addition, we performed mechanical installation works for the following companies: Energoprojekt, "Stankom  holding company" ad Invest - Import, PC "Zelenilo", "Mont-R," Primorje" Inc. Slovenia, etc. .....

Please note that all work was completed promptly and efficiently carried out by the relevant standards, regulations and professional standards. Upon final completion all the works we done were verified and accepted by the relevant professional committees.

Business partners, and our customers have total confidence in us because of our long-term presence in the market, the quality of  service we provide and the experience that we have.

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